• Do you want to get fit for the new season?
  • Are you training for a specific event or challenge?
  • Do you need help managing your recovery from short/long-term injuries?

Then Aspire 4 Health’s Sport-specific Online ‘Personal’ Training programme is for you!.

When it comes to programming for sports, our bespoke Online Personal Training and Nutrition packages leave no stone left unturned. We work with you to create a balanced physiological basis upon which to build your sports performance with exercises selected to best suit your choice of sport(s) and to ensure you hit optimal fitness, at the right time!

Many people go the the gym and train on the treadmill and think that this fitness will transfer into their chosen sport/event. However this is not the case...that’s because the specific motor skill of running on a treadmill is completely different from running on ground; this can lead to injury when performing your chosen activity.

Therefore, training must be tailor-made to the specific sport or challenge you are undertaking in order to achieve the best results. A comprehensive physiological platform will be created “for you” ensuring the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles are ready for the action that lies ahead!


At Aspire 4 Health we are highly experienced at working with a broad range of people of different ages and fitness levels, but we also have worked with a wealth of professional and top level sports people. Past clients include:

  • Various professional football clubs, including Bradford City & Huddersfield Town
  • Various sporting organisations including the City of Bradford Men’s Water Polo and the City of Leeds Women’s Water Polo teams; and
  • Numerous professional sports people and individuals training for high profile sporting events; for example, we have trained a client to run 15 marathons in 18 days for charity and trained another client to reach Everest Base Camp.

Rest assured that, regardless of your age, current health status, or levels of fitness, Aspire 4 Health’s expert team has a huge range of experience and qualifications enabling us to closely guide, motivate and teach you the correct techniques to safely and efficiently achieve your sporting goals while also creating the foundation for a healthier, injury-free quality of life.


Aspire 4 Health’s Online Personalised Training programmes offer a wide range of benefits over face-to-face PT or gym sessions for helping your achieve your desired sports goals and challenges:

24/7 access Highly affordable Packages Tailored for you No DVDs required View on all devices

So why not let Aspire4Health help you?!

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Find out why our current clients love our approach to sports conditioning…

EDDY’S STORY “After undertaking the sports conditioning training I would highly recommended it for anyone looking for that competitive edge in sport. My sports fitness including agility and pace improved dramatically, which was down to a range of tailored exercises and Lee teaching me a better sprinting style. The culmination of the training meant that level at which I was playing football was vastly enhanced.”    Eddy

SUE’S STORY I have been training with Lee for over a year with the aim of returning to running following an Achilles' tendon injury. Lee always has an analytical approach to training adjusting the session according to how I am feeling taking feedback and focusing on the little details that can make all the difference. I am a physiotherapist and I have been impressed by Lee's knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics which he applies in all aspects of his work. I have successfully returned to running and I am hoping to complete the Leeds 10k in July with Lee's support and encouragement. I can highly recommend Lee as a skilled and knowledgable trainer who always tailors sessions to the ability of the client.    SUE

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